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Help me Please

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    Hello All ,

    I'm an international student , studying at a Canadian university .
    I'm doing my Master's degree in computer science which was not my major in my country .
    My major was education and computer . I've studied 42% computer and the rest was education .
    However , I'm wiling to do my degree in Expert system and problem solving . until now , I could not find any problem to be my thesis .
    If anyone of you could suggest a problem that is good for an expert system , it will help me a lot .

    Thank you ..
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    If you don't care either way, look at what the professors at your university are working at and pick a topic related to their work.

    What's your domain of interest? Do you want to research expert systems with an education bent (grammar/translation/linguistic stuff), a financial services bent, management bent, etc?
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    It's probably a much better idea to talk this over with your supervisor rather than getting a thesis topic from some random people online.

    The first key to figuring out a good topic is to read a lot. Figure out what the important journals are in "expert systems" and give them a thorough review. See what's being published in the field to get a sense of what problems people are working on. Talk with your advisor to see which problems he or she expects to be solved in the near future and which are worth working on.
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    My professor is asking me to find one which has to be a real .
    that is driving me crazy ..
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    Read some of his/her work. Read the work he/she cites. Google his/her stuff. Ask him what that means. There are a bunch of real problems in all sorts of domains, but you need to sort out what you're interested in and what he'll support. You're not even giving enough specific info to point you in a direction, which is bad in it's own right, but Choppy's right that it'll be much better if you find your own interest. Expert systems is a really big field, so get yourself a bit more grounded in it and work from there.
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