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Homework Help: Help Me Please

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    Does anyone know how to calculate Electric Field Energy????????
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    It is generally best to post the entire problem you're having trouble with, followed by your thoughts or attempts at a solution, followed by any specific questions you have.

    - Warren
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    Ok we are given that it deals with the classical hydrogen atom and it has a single electron fixed in orbit aroudn the proton with the bohr radius which is 5.29E-11m. We were told to find the Electrical Force, The Gravitational Force, The ratio of those forces, The velocity of the electron, The electrical potential arising from the proton, The electrical potential energy, and the total mechanical and electrical energy. I found all these with no problems but than it goes on to say "An improvement of this classical mechanical model of the atom involves the energy density of the electric field in a region of space. Find the total electric field energy for the electon and proton assuming that each one has a radius of 1.00E-15" That is where I dont know what to do I know how to find the energy density but that is not what he is asking. Do I need to find the electric field or what?
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    Yes, you need to find the electric field. It looks like you are asked to assume that the electron and proton are uniformly charged spheres, and required to calculate the electric fields using Gauss' Law and superposition. The energy density at a point can be calculated from the field there. I'm sure your text has a section on the energy density.
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    Yes it does that a section on energy density I have read over it a few times just could not figure it out. I beleive I will be able to figure it out from there Thanks Alot
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