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Help me please!

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    i am an undergraduate and studying maths major. actually, i want to know what kind of jobs, except teaching, doing research in institutes and any other highly academic related ones, are suitable for a maths people? (as i am not interested in working in college ...)
    Or is there any job which need maths (major/minor) with other professional subjects? please give me some suggestions.
    thanks all buddy!!
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    This advice applies to everyone in a similar situation.

    Go find the professional organization in your major area. Physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, etc... all have professional organizations that they can belong to. Once you find one, there's a very good chance they also have (i) a webpage (ii) regular mailings/newsletter/journals (iii) job listings. The BEST way to know what kinds of jobs that are available for your particular major would be from such a source. Employers looking for mathematicians would tend to advertize in a professional publication for mathematicians - it only makes sense.

    You did not indicate where you are, either in your posting, or in your profile (this can be quite relevant in seeking jobs, don't you think?). If you are in the US, the American Mathematical Society has an excellent homepage, with a job listing link. You may want to go there and see what kind jobs that are available.


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