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Homework Help: Help me plss

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    1.Gino, an experienced driver, was asked to test-drive the new Ferrari F40 sports
    car. This car has a distinction of having the world’s fastest acceleration, which
    was measured at 6.74 m/s². Starting at rest, the suddenly pressed his right foot
    on the accelerator. After 4 seconds, what is the velocity of Gino’s car in km/h?

    2.Starting at rest, a rocket moves vertically upward with an acceleration of 30 m/
    s². After 4 seconds, it runs out of fuel and continues to moves upward under the
    influence of gravity. How high can the rocket rise?

    3.You are driving your car at a constant velocity of 50 km/h when you spot an
    intersection 250m away prompting you to step on the brakes. How fast should
    your car constantly decelerate in km/h so as to come to full stop just before the

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