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Help me select field for PhD: Control/Dynamics or PDE/Numerics

  1. Control systems and Dynamics

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  2. computational partial differential equations/Applied math

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  1. Nov 17, 2011 #1
    I like both control systems and dynamics, and numerical solutions of PDE's. And I am trying to decide which field to apply for to do a PhD in.

    I am having hard time deciding. Just looking for advice from those who worked or studied any of the above to help me decide.

    I seem to be leaning toward control systems and dynamics as it is more varied and interesting. But so is numerical solutions of PDE's.

    For the control systems, I would be applying to Mechanical engineering dept most likely. For the PDE's, I would be applying to a Math dept.

    I do not want to flip a coin on this. Any idea which you think is a better field to get in?

    thank you
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