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Homework Help: Help me solve this

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    I don't know how to solve the equations because I never took a class in diff equations when I was still in college

    psss Thank you
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    If you had taken a class in diff equations, you would probably have learned not to try to solve things like that! That looks to me to be a pair of rather nasty non-linear equations. Generally speaking, one can't expect to get a closed form solution for non-linear equations.

    I note that there are two equilibrium solutions: x= 0, y= 0, and x= a, y= -b/a are constant solutions.
    In the vicinity of (0,0), the equation linearize to dy/dt= ay, dx/dt= bx.
    In the vicinity of (a,-b/a), the equations linearize to dy/dt= -bx+ a2y and dx/dt= -bx/a + 2ay.
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    Perhaps you could make more progress with

    [tex]\frac {dy}{dx} = \frac {y (x + a)} {x (b + xy)}[/tex]
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