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Homework Help: Help me! somebody explain this to me!(Gauss's Law)

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    i have a couple of questions and evryone can answer and explain it to me..

    1. what are the practical consequences of the observation that the electric field inside a hollow conductor is zero regardless of how much electric charge is placed on its outer surface? what does this imply regarding the safety of a person inside an automobile in a thunderstorm?

    2. is the electric field inside an empty cavity in a conductor zero? Why or why not?
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    1) Shielding.. look into this.

    2) Yes, of course. Since there is no net charge inside the cavity, Gauss' law says there cannot be an electric field.
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    1) This phenomenon is known as " Electrostatic Shielding' as per which the charge(s) inside a conductor are shielded from outside electric influences.The consequences include:

    i)Electric Field Vector on the surface of the conductor is always prependicular to the surface

    ii) The net field inside a conductor is zero.

    iii) Because the charges on a conductor rest on the surface, there are no charges in the cavity inside the conductor and hence no electric field as per Gauss Law.

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