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    iam taking a-levels and have to choose some topics for physics option ....which is more interesting.. medical physics or physics of fluids?...need opinion
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    It depends what you're interested in!

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    I like fluid mechanics more! Not sure about you though!

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    i would go for physics of fluid

    it would be more challenging for me

    but seriously how about u ?

    which one are you most interested in Nisha ?
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    just out of interest, is anyone doing the Edexcel syllabus?
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    i feel fluid physics would be more interesting!moreover it depends on your interest.
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    I did Medical Physics at A level and it was pretty basic so if you want an easy time choose that. It's mainly a case of learning off the theory, some diagrams and some equations. Not too much thought required in comparison to other topics. I did enjoy it though- made a nice change from all the other topics we had covered!
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