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Help me to know what is wrong.

  1. Mar 19, 2003 #1
    A friend of mine, female, 20 years old, living kind of a stressed life, wakes up at 7:00 AM had some breating problems in the last few weeks.
    In that time she noticed that the pain gets really really more between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM, sometimes she would be asleep in that time, sometimes not.

    So why do u think this happens ? (if you need more info, please feel free to ask).

    My explaination is that she would get extremly stressed at that time (after a long day).
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    Could you elaborate on the pain? Stress could certainly cause it, and I've seen stress trigger latent sleep disorders like sleep apnea and others that could cause breathing troubles during sleep, but I wouldn't rule out other causes.
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    Weird enough, it could be acid reflux problems. My mother had the same issue, and her dr. said that the acid could affect her breathing. Don't ask me HOW, but your friend could look into it, at least. I know that acid reflux usually happens between the hours your friend had her complaints.
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    If the pain is chest pain, she could be having some heart related problems, this would also cause the difficulty breathing.
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    I would suggest you get her to see a doctor if possible. No offense, but advice from a Physics forum is not exactly the most reliable source of medical diagnosis.
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    Thanks all :smile:.
    She has seen a doctor (i don't know what he exactly said).
    Medically she is good, and became a lot better.
    But she asked me why the pain came most at that time only kind to give me sth to talk about.
    But since i didn't know the answer, i wondered if the peope here would :smile:.
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