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Help me understand heat transfer thru induction

  1. Nov 24, 2009 #1
    What is the efficiency of induction heating? What if you only had 8800 Watts available, or perhaps 220V, 40Amp... what size iron object could you heat, and to what temperature? Size will have to be qualified... how long? What shape & how thick? Depth of heat penetration. Then how long would it take to heat this object. Now what if this was an iron pipe, lets say 1/4inch... then we passed water through it? Sorry, but I have a lot to learn...
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    I assume you are interested in a pipe geometry, and not a flat plate. There are RF stoves that heat pots and pans with copper bottoms. I suspect that an RF coil (20 - 100 kHz) in the form of a solenoid could heat a copper pipe. I would contact an induction heating company like:
    http://www.mtixtl.com/sp-15adest-topinductionheater20-100khz7kw.aspx [Broken]
    They could give you information on heating efficiency.
    Bob S
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