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Help me win against my brother!

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    I have no experience with physics really and thought I might come here to steal some great ideas hopefully. My and my brother play a game with a fly-away(very very light) football when we are finished work. You've got to fill out the allotted time somehow right? Lol.

    He is a much better player than me, always has been, and he has challenged me to 'curve' the ball more than he can. He left it as an open ended challenge so I got to thinking that I could do this with something other than my foot???

    I watched him do it and sort of slices across it with as much power as he can. It's a regular sized ball, just very light.

    What things should I be using here? Big things, small things? Pointy things / round things? A cricket bat or....I don't know, something else??

    Which would connect best and impart the most spin on the ball?

    Thanks for your input in advance, there's £20 riding on this so if you can help me out I'd be much obliged! Cheers, Ste.

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    Get a boot with a high-friction surface (like a high-grip rubber). You want to impart the most angular momentum to the ball that you can.
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    First you got to know that the ball fly deviously is because the speed of flowing air is different on both side of the ball which could produce a kind of force by the different pressure(the pressure around something moving fast is smaller than that around something moving slowly).So the force produced by the pressure difference will make the ball fly deviously.What you should do just try to make the ball twirl.As above,maybe a boot with a high-friction surface will help.
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