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Homework Help: Help me with Bernoulli, please?

  1. Nov 7, 2004 #1
    In a bourbon distillery plant, the refined product, approximated as 40% by weight ethanol, 60% by weight water, is pumped through a plumbing system. At the OUTLET, where the inner diameter of the pipe is 5.08cm, the product fills an aluminum open cylinder (Diameter .442m, height 1.26m) in 98.9 seconds. At the inlet of this pipe the diameter is 7.62 cm and the pipe is 3.85m above the cylinder. the density of the product is 922kg/m^3

    a) what is the outlet speed of the product?

    b) what is the gauge pressure at the inlet of the pipe (diameter 7.62cm)

    okay, i got the outlet speed. and i know that i need to use bernoulli's equation to solve for the gauge pressure. i'm not liking bernoulli or his equation right now. i'm having trouble figuring out all of the variables that go in it. a little help, pu-leeze? thanks, my friends!
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