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Help me with coupled ode45 equations in matlab

  1. Nov 26, 2012 #1
    Help me with coupled ode45 equations in matlab plz

    I have no idea to turn these into matlab code, and here is the porblem:
    y(1)' = y(2)
    y(2)' = - (r+re)/(L+le)*y(2) - y(1)/c*(l+le)
    y(3)' = y(4)
    y(4)' = -c*y(4).^2 /m+L*y(2).^2/(2*m)
    re = ro+Rpr*z+Lpr*z'
    le = Lo+Lpr*z
    the rest parameters are given numbers, and z is the changing position, the variable.
    the given task is like this, two differential equations:
    I appreciate your help!
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