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Homework Help: Help me with text

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I have no idea how to do it,if some one can help with this two i will give him e-bear :P

    Guess what I thought two numbers. If the rest, I get 9. And twice as wide minus three times the smaller is 12.

    The number is large:
    the number is small:

    ANd this is the 2nd one

    I paid € 25.50 for 24 folders, with one pocket to 1.20 € each, and no other pocket to 0.90 € each. How many of each type folders I purchased?


    folders with pockets and

    Folder without pocket.
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    I cannot make sense of what you're asking. I presume English isn't your first language, no problem, but I'm wondering if you used an online translator.

    This: "...If the rest, I get 9. And twice as wide..." is nonsense.

    I'm going to guess that the problem is this:

    Guess these two numbers:
    If I add them, I get 9.
    Twice the larger one minus three times the smaller one is 12.

    You're going to end up with two formulae, each one having two variables. Can you write down those formulae? (hint: see next question)

    Let's label your folders:
    The ones with the pockets we'll call P, the ones without pockets we'll call N.

    We know that P+N=24, that's the total number of folders.
    And we know that 1.2P + .9N = 25.50 : the total cost of the folders.
    You're got two formulae now, each with two variables. You want to solve for at least one of them. Does this look familiar?
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    i have no idea man... :P
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    What is your education background? What grade is this? Have you studied similar problems in the textbook?
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