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Homework Help: Help me with this physics equation please (:

  1. Nov 13, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    An airplane has a speed of 295 km/h relative to the air. There is a wind blowing at 85 km/h at 30° north of east relative to Earth. In which direction should the plane head to land at an airport due north of its present location?
    _______° west of north

    What is the plane's speed relative to the ground?
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  3. Nov 13, 2009 #2
    You have tot show us what you've tried. No-one here is going to do your homework for you (forum rules).

    Having said that, as a start, draw yourself a diagram to see how you can use vector components to solve this problem.
  4. Nov 14, 2009 #3
    Imagine a wind that is blowing from your left side and you are walking on a straight line, the wind is going to "push" you to your right, probably you will lose the line you are following.

    So the wind that is blowing here causes displacement from airplane's current route.Draw a diagram to make the calculations about the displacement caused by wind.
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