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Help me with this

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    Hi, i'm new here. can somebody put here an a schematic of Class AB, D,G or T. I need an audio amplifier that work with bjt and mosfet simultaneously, i think that kind of amplifier is class g, but i'm not sure,for example i saw an 5000w amplifier with 2sc5200 and his pnp pair working with irfp250 with his pair, the power supply was 80V -0- 80V and 70V-0-70V.
    That amplifier works with switching, i think.

    Thanks for your help

    P.D: my english isn't well Sorry i'm learning
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    What kind of audio websites have you tried looking through so far? I googled audio amp tutorial power schematic, and got lots of hits:


    For example, here's a website with links to lots of pages with schematics:


    And here's a book resource from Amazon that you might want to check out:

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    Thanks for your help, but i need specially schematics of Power amplifiers, my need is an schematic of some amplifier that work with switching with mosfets an Bjt, better if is complementary.

    i will check that links.

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    i saw one amplifier with this system, with an a IC, the reference i don't know, one comrade said that this is an a regulator, or can be a pulse modulator, i think what that IC control the switching operation with the mosfets and Bjt's

    My english Sucks!!!:yuck:
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