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Help Me

  1. Jan 14, 2004 #1
    no matter how hard i try, but i am not able to study physics.

    i have the IIT JEE exams in 2004, and my physics isnt even to the basic level.

    can anybody help me on how to study physics [?]
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    Post ur Questions here with your Try We will try to help out where u went wrong and so on

    Pls Mention your Weak Points too where u are finding difficulty
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    thanks for ur reply. i c the rules of this forum. what i want to know was some tips on how to study physics.

    also what books u used to study physics ? HC Verma ? SL Gupta ? Resnick-Halliday ? Interactive Physics ? or any other
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    I used the selected portions from various books
    Resnik Halliday was the pick Though Interactive Physics is practically application of the concepts u learn in Resnik.

    So i believe u study Resnik+HC Verma+Irodov
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