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Homework Help: Help me

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    I can't solve this problem, can u ?
    We have this crane hook which has a force F=3000dN pulling it down and we have to calculate a few designing elements look to the section and calculate the safety factors for:
    1. the crane hook (part No. 5 )at the section A-A and B-B .
    2. the hook trunion (part No. 6) at the section A-A and B-B .
    3. the pulley pin (part No. 3)at the middle section .
    4. the side plate (part No.1 ) the factor of safety on tension at the section A-A
    and on bearing pressure at the lower hole.
    This will help u:
    figure of the parts No. part's name
    2 1 side plate
    2 2 pulley
    2 3 pulley pin
    1 4 nut lock pin
    1 5 crane hook
    1 6 hook trunion
    6 7 hex. nut M76
    1 8 castle nut M76
    2 9 washer 76 *10
    2 10 pin 4*25
    All the lengths r in mm. and please show me the all the steps that u made.

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    Did you ever study Solid Mechanics ?
    I doubt someone here is going to calculate these problems for you, if somebody does then you're in luck of course. These are basic problems if they're theoretical, you need Hooke's Law, Von Misses and some basic stress equations plus the stress concentration for the holes which can be calculated or directly obtained from tables in books on the subject. Like Peterson's stress-concentration factors that FredGarvin suggested to me yesterday.
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    Please refer to the forum guidelines on help with homework problems.
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    thank you
    but my q is that i feel that these problem it self is wrong:rolleyes:
    but i dont see where:confused:
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