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Homework Help: Help me

  1. Sep 28, 2007 #1
    [3.06] If two sides of a triangle are 8 and 22, what is the range of possibilities for the third side?
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    First, this belongs in the homework help forum, someone will probably move it for you,

    second: try drawing the triangle, with various angles between the two known sides, and see what sorts of values you can get for the length of the third side.

    Aha, someone moved it while I was typing.
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    oh, and third, please try to make the title a little more informative than just "help me".
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    i tried drawing it, it is multiple choise, here are my options:

    a. 14<x<30

    b. 8<x<22

    c. 4<x<18

    d. 12<x<18
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    I think its A, 22-8 is 14.... 22+8 is 30.... none of the other ones make sense as possible answeres, am i right?
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    ok, i just submitted, i got the problem right, it was A....... 300/300 points.. YEAH!!!
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    Well, one side of a triangle is a straight line and so is the shortest distance between the two points: if two sides of the triangle are 8 and 22, then the third side must be less than 8+ 22= 30. Other than that, I can't say.
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    Check in your Geometry book for "Triangle Inequality Theorem". If a triangle has sides a, b, c; and if sides a and b are known, then this means a+b>c. Can you figure out the rest and apply the theorem?
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