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Homework Help: Help me

  1. May 12, 2004 #1
    Help me!!!!

    I need help setting up the equations for this problem.

    A carousel initially at rest has an angular acceleration of .4 rad/s2 and accelerates for 5 seconds. It then rotates at a constant angular velocity for 30 seconds before slowing down at the same rate at which it accelerated. The angular velocity after 5 seconds is 2 rad/sec.

    a) Throught how many revolutions did the carousel rotate before it starts to slow down?
    b) How far (translationally) does a child sitting on a horse 3 meters from the center travel?
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    You've got constant angular acceleration in the first phase, with zero initial angular velocity.
    As a function of time, what is the (angular) position at time t, given zero initial (angular) velocity and constant (angular) acceleration?

    How many radians in a revolution?
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