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Help me

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    how to calculate the number of prime factors of 360? please give the method
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    HINT: Factor the number. :)

    P.S. And, no, I am not being glib!
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    As Tide said: start factoring. It's not that hard. I'll get you started:

    360= 2(180)= 2(2)(90)= ...
    surely you can do the rest yourself. Did you mean number of distinct prime factors or just number of prime factors (i.e. counting "2" more than once).
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    sorry re question

    I am sorry my question was wrong .however I wanted to ask how to find the no: of perfect squares in 360 without factorizing. I am sorry for sending the wrong question.
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    That's a different question; prime factorization of 360 yields
    [tex] 360 = 2^3 3^2 5 [/tex]
    and therefore the only perfect-square factors included are
    [tex] {\{1,4,9,36\}} [/tex]
    from observing the prime factorization. There are only four perfect-square factors of 360.
    (The "1" is trivial tho :redface:)

    *Then again, I'll reply later when I'll write an explicitly mathematical way to calculate the quantity of perfect-square factors of 360-->without factorization, as you mentioned :smile:
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