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Homework Help: Help meeee:-s.

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    hey everyone.

    physics doesnt make sense to me. i need help (!) esp. since im considering choosing it on highlevel in the IB Diploma programme im in right now.

    anyway. so i have to answer this question for the class on wednesday, but im totally lost. i would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me ASAP!

    k, im supposed to describe with the aid of a circuit diagram how i would measure the resistance of a coil of wire using a voltmeter/ammeter method. what additional measurements would be necessary in order to determine the resistivity of the material of the coil? i am also supposed to state the required formula of course.

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    Hi PakiPie.

    Just use Ohm's law: [itex]V=IR[/itex]

    So if you know the potential difference V over the coil and the current I flowing through it, you can find the resistance. Its simply [itex]R=V/I[/itex].

    I'd also add some other known resistance in the circuit as to avoid a shortcircuit. The resistance of the wire alone is probably very low.
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