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Help meI need MCNPX Software

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    plz help me to download free MCNPX Or MCNP5C !!!!!
    Where can i download those soft???
    Or MCNPX visual basic???
    plz help me!!!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Well, if you could take the time to properly pose your question without the IM garbage speak, I bet we could help you.

    First, what is this software for? Most, if not all, of the nuclear design codes are proprietary and are not freely distributed. Second, why don't you do a simple Google search? If nothing is found by the search, then the code is more than likely not available and is in fact proprietary.

    If you want to download Visual Basic, click on the link below.


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    I'm sorry, but that is quite impossible! MCNP is controlled (applied) technology, and one must obtain an export license and observe strict controls - i.e. no distribution to others. One may request it from US Dept. of Energy, Los Alamos National Lab.



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    I always laugh at these posts, they come up so frequently :rofl:
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    I always wonder if they are real (say, posted by Ahmadinejad trying to make a bomb), or are they posted by some bored gov agent trying to preemptively arrest someone.
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    I am just waiting for the day when some Hamas agent comes in asking on how to build a better car bomb.
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    He/she would use better IM speak. :biggrin:
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