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Help modeling a hiller flybar?

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    Need Physics model for Hiller system

    Have been working on a model helicopter for some time and need to mathematically model a Hiller flybar. I have basic understanding of physics and have been researching gyroscopes to model the system, but still am missing a few bits and pieces. Have the Moments of Inertia figured out I think, but need to figure out the center of inertia for the system. Think that this will take the design above the principle axis. Can any one help or direct towards a detailed tutorial?
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    I must say you don't hear much about flybars any more unless you are talking about RC helicopters. I can't ever remember seeing a model presented for controlability issues with a flybar installed. However, their use is important, especially at small scales.

    I did a bit of looking around and did come up with a paper from the Univ. of Toronto.

    http://www.control.toronto.edu/~lidstone/Helicopter_thesis.pdf [Broken]

    Section 2.5 briefly goes int flybars and section 2 goes into some aerodynamic background. Start with this and see if this will help you with what you already have. I have a couple of references at home, but I don't think they discuss fly bars.

    You may try RC forums, but I doubt you'll find anyone mathematically modelling their projects.
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