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Homework Help: Help! motion problem

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    a plane drops a hamper of medical supplies from a height of 3000m. the plane`s horizontal velocity was 105m/s at the instant the hamper was dropped. acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s what is the overall velocity of the hamper at the instant it strikes the surface of the ocean? answer in units of

    I dont get the problem, do I have to find the x component first? then what do I do after?
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    Yes, you can use this to find the downward component of velocity:

    v2 = u2 + 2as

    Where v = final velocity
    u = initial velocity
    a = acceleration &
    s = displacement

    Then use pythagoras for the magnitude of velocity

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    Remember that the horizontal velocity (x-component) always stays the same if there is no friction in that direction (like in this problem)
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    Oh yeah, I forgot; my answer assumes that there is no air-resistance.

    Cheers for the reminder daniel_i_l.

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    thanks so much guys
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