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Complaint Help: My Login is Refused

  1. Aug 7, 2012 #1
    Hi, something really weird has been going on in the login procedure for Physics Forums.

    I tried to log in, and I got a message saying that I had already used up my 5 login attempts, and that I had to wait 15 minutes. I certainly had not tried to login and failed even once.

    After waiting 15 minutes, I tried again, and it said that I had the wrong login id or password. I was sent another password, and the login program told me that THAT password was invalid.

    The frustrating thing is that there is no way to even contact Physics Forums (as far as I know) to complain about not being able to log in, since you have to be logged in to post anything.

    (I ended up using a different email address, and creating a new account just to post this message.)
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    Doc Al

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    The problem is being investigated.
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