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Help my maple tree

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    Help my maple tree !!!

    The maple tree in our front yard hasn't been going to well, the past year. We cut down as many dead branches as we could. Branches that are uninfected seem to be perfectly fine ( for now) the branches that are dead/dying have buds on them but the buds didn't open like the heathy branches. they just kinda piddled out and didn't bloom. when I peeled back the bark on some of the badly damaged branches there were some little insects under the bark. very tiny < 1mm they were kinda light grey with possibly a hue of green in them. I figure these bugs must be the problem. Oh. This is a norway maple. and from what I can see, non of the other norway maples in the area are dying.
    If anyone know what I can do, please chime in.
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    There is also a maple known as Norewgian Sunset maple (at least that name appeared during googling)
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    hmm. thanks Evo. I've already read something similar to that. I don't think it's aphids but I'm not sure. I was under the impression that aphids were bright green. and these bugs are more grey.
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    No, they can appear grey. Any webbing? Could it be scales? It doesn't say anything about mites. Have you talked to anyone at a local nursery? They may be able to tell you what it is.
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