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Help! My wave function collapsed

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    I was walking to lecture and normally there are several doors leading to the lecture hall, but for some reason all of them were locked except for one... when I tried to go through the only unlocked door, my wave function just collapsed! I'm scared and I don't know what to do...
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    Awesome post.
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    George Jones

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    Branch out.
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    Assume the position. (Thank you master may I have another one please).
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    I have this under control. No one interfere.
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    Can we watch?
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    I don't get this post.
    But, then maybe I do.
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    Ah? (message too short gosh - with just ah?)
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    Are you sure there weren't two doors? Maybe you went through both. Just sayin'...
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    This is good news! You won't interfere with yourself!
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