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Help! naming matrices in matlab

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    I have created a program in MatLab doing LU factorization and need to implement a routine, so that MatLab automatically runs the program on all of my matrices.

    I have 6 matrices A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6. But for the time being I can only run the program for one matrix, write the result down and then change the input matrix.

    Is there a smart way of making a loop so that MatLab automatically changes the input matrix?

    The notation A(i) does not work, since it refers to the elements in the matrix.
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    Dr Transport

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    look at sprintf() to write the variables then allocate A1 = zeros(x,x);

    Matlab is faster if you do not use loops, but write out the code as a list

    A1 = .....
    A2 = .....

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    You can define a three-dimensional array A(l,m,n) so that one of your indices (I forget which one it is) points to the different matrices in a loop.
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    you might want to check out 'struct' (in conjunction with 'sprintf').
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