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Help! Need a guide!

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    I'm a high school 11th grade student taking physics and I'm having trouble understanding stuff. Right now my average is a B and I ab absolutely sure I am going to fail. I just don't understand things. The book I'm using right now is Conceptual Physhics by Paul G. Hewitt. But the book doesn't really explain things to me. It just says A=v1+v2 it doesn't really TEACH you. I don't want to come in for after school help because I've done it before and I got nothing out of it. Plus I am already busy as it. So I am looking to see if anyone has an online guide I can use. Or a book that teaches people physhics in easier steps. I know there's a sticky with a whole bunch of websites but I don't have time to go through all of those...If someone could help it would be appreciated greatly.

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    So you want us to spend our time to go through it? Doesn't make sense.
    Try a tutor.
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    Hmmmm... Classes have only just begun and you have B average. How can you tell that you will absolutely fail by the end of next spring? :confused:
    My approach would be to go to the school or public library and find some more physics books that explain things differently. Or make some more friends in your class and start a study group. Don't be surprised to find that you know things that others in your group didn't understand, as well as clarifying things from your classmates that you found confusing.
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    I've taught from that book - well, earlier editions, anyway. The writing style is a little funky for my tastes, but generally speaking I found it quite understandable. How much time and effort are you putting into the reading assignments? Remember - you can't read something like that the way you read a novel. It takes more time.
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    I think I saids "Guide". I'm just looking for an online or offline book or notes that teach people physhics in easier steps. Thanks anyways guys.
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    If it will appear to us that you are trying hard and still at some point you are not able to go through we can help you. Welcome!!!
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