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Help: need AI Idea

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    I need to create an AI project for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I'd welcome some ideas.

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    First idea: don't think too big, it's easy to do in general but more so with AI. If you do, your project will grow beyond reason, using up all your time with negative impact on your other classes and activities. A smallish, elegant and (importantly) finished project is more satisfying and earns better marks.

    Second idea: you don't have to address human thought, you cannot simulate the human mind anyways. Why not think of a dog? Like that Tamaguci/DigiPet fad a few years back. Write a software pet that can learn a few arbitrary tasks through praise and scolding. Each task is a sequence of basic steps that your pet is innately able to do: walking, jumping, grabbing... Your program lets the user train the pet to learn an arbitrary sequence of these on command. Learning is a sign of intelligence. Unlike the DigiPet, graphics are not needed. A "text adventure" interface should suffice. If you finish early you can add frills later.
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    I can also use robots (LEGO, iRobot or a Ridgesoft one).
    Think I can make an interesting thing using that? Training a virtual pet?

    Any idea on what kind of AI technique I could use? Maybe a neural net?
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    You could do an OCR program for character recognition. Maybe for example a captcha breaker.
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    iRobot... Hmmm... I have one of their Roomba cleaner and it works pretty well. One of their blurbs says it behaves somewhat like a bug that looks for food (except that here it looks for dust), following walls at times, going random at other times. Maybe you could improve on the search algorithm. And this could be a different approach to your project: instead of creating something from scratch, you can look into something that already exists, study and understand it, then bring about some creative improvement. It doesn't have to be an iRobot product either, these just made me think of this other possibility. Email the company(ies) to get a start on some existing technology if you decide to go this way.
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