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Homework Help: HELP, need velocity from force and mass

  1. May 3, 2004 #1
    I have big problem,

    In a projectile motion problem, we are given a variables for force applied (instantaneous not continuious), mass of object, and angle above horizontial.

    For my Matlab code (program like visual basic) i need to get the initial velocity, BUT HOW!!!

    I know the initial acceleration of the object (F/m), but because the force is instantaneous, does this convert to velocity, or not??????

    Please help!!!
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    In order for a force that only acts at a single instant to produce a change in an object's velocity, the force has to be infinitely large.
    Is that what you have been given?
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    And, by the way, Please do not "double post". I answered this (giving basically the same answer as arildno) where you posted it under "Physics".
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