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Help needed ( 3-phase transformer connections )

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    hello there ; I have several questions about the 3-phase transformer connections and I will be really grateful if any one could help ....

    I've learnt that there are several types of 3-phase transformer connections which are in general ; the (Wye-wye) , ( Wye-Delta ) , (Delta-Delta ) , ( Delta-Wye ) , and Open Delta

    but I got a bit confused with the VA relation for each ....I also have read in a book that the VA rating of Open-delta configuration is = 0.58 of ( Delta-Delta ) rating , how this relation been derived in the first place !?

    and what's the different between each configuration and another , I know that only 2 transformers have to be used for Open-delta configuration , and 3 transformers for the rest configurations ....

    what if the current ratings for each winding increased , could the open-delta configuration work as well as the Delta-Delta configuration !?

    what about a transformer with capacity of 60 KVA what total 3-phase power can be obtained in each of the ; (Wye-wye) , ( Wye-Delta ) , (Delta-Delta ) , ( Delta-Wye ) , and Open Delta !?

    thanks in advance .
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    I've checked the links I found somethings interesting
    I'm still wondering what might happen if I reversed winding polarities in both Wye and Delta connection , will there be a short circuit !?
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    As long as you reverse the polarities in all three transformers, there should not be a short.
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