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Help needed about OCEAN

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    Hi everyone,

    i am planing to write an article as a review of the Ocean Bathymetry (acoustics Vs ALB) system.

    Is there anyone who can help me with some reading materials or books that i can take help from?

    I will waiting to hear from you.


    (Please give me some book name that will help me...thanks in advance.)
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    Has one tried find citations with a search engine like Google?

    One do one's own work and search with "Ocean Bathymetry (acoustics Vs ALB)"

    and find papers like -
    http://champs.cecs.ucf.edu/Library/Conference_Papers/pdfs/Airborne%20Lidar%20Bathymetry%20The%20SHOALS%20System.pdf [Broken]

    or search on 'acoustic bathymetry', 'ALB, bathymetry', or 'Airborne Lidar Bathymetry'


    or see "Multibeam Bathymetry and Acoustic Backscatter Imagery of the Southern Monterey Bay Shelf" - http://montereybay.noaa.gov/research/techreports/treittreim1997b.html
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    hi there,

    thanks for your reply. I have read all of these links that you have given and plus a lot more. But i am struggling to find any books on ocean bathymetry or acoustics. I have found acoustics but not related to ocean acoustics/bathymetry.

    If you have anything like that, then please help me.

    i am searching not only in google but in so many library sites but yet not finding anything suitable for the acoustics batheymetry, however, i have found quite a lot of information about the ALB.

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    There is also https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Underwater-Acoustics-Xavier-Lurton/, which is a more expensive option that the one suggested by Bobbywhy.

    One can usually browse the publishers' sites for more information, e.g., Front Matter, including TOC, and maybe a preface.

    One can also search for 'textbook, underwater acoustics' or ' introduction to underwater acoustics' and similarly for ALB.
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