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Help needed balancing 3 phase electrical system

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    My home is supplied by 3-phase electricity.
    When the electricians installed the system, they made guesses at how to balance the loads across the 3 phases.
    The country that I live in limits the amount of power available through each phase with a closed box that trips out if ANY ONE of the phases exceeds a certain current.
    So if the cooker and the water heater are on the same phase and are on together, the power trips out for the entire house.

    I am wondering if there is some device I can connect to the 3 'live' cables inside the house, that automatically divides the current being pulled equally across the 3 phases.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Yep. Get an electrician to measure each phases load and move appropriately.

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    Yeah, thanks for the idea but that's not really going to help.

    The problem is when we use a high load item and another one kicks in either on auto, or timer, or because someone in the house doesn't know.

    example would be water heater and underfloor heating. Both are heavy load, but set on thermostats.

    I need a circuit that sits between the loads and the supply and automatically routes the power through the phases equally. so if we are pulling 15kw, it pulls 5kW from each phase.

    I didn't think this would be something I'd get from the local hardware store, but you never know?! ;0)

    (the total potential load in the house is much greater than the allowable supply - in case I didn't make that clear up front)
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    You might try contacting these people, the web site does not give very much detail on power capability or price but it is at least a starting place.
    http://www.polyphaz.com/Three_phase_to_single_phase_transformers.htm [Broken]
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    thanks, I will look into that ;)
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