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Help needed for a desing with quartus

  1. Nov 9, 2006 #1
    Hi, if any1 with good knowledge on digital logic is willing to help me to pass my lab email me @ komaasou at hotmail . com
    I've done the whole thing but one thing is missing and I cannot figure it out.
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    Welcome to PF , Nermus!! You will find lots of helpful folks here.

    All you need to do is to state your problem,
    show us the work you have done on it and where you are getting stuck.

    We can then attempt to steer you in a successful direction. :smile

    (suggestion: please use a spell check, it makes your descriptions clearer and members will take your posts more seriously).
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    I figured it out
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    Congratulations for that. Good job. Now... how about posting as much about the problem as you can, to aid in the education of others who might find themselves in the same situation? This is, after all, a teaching forum (excluding my own posts). What you have done to solve your problem might very well be of great benefit to a lot of people.
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    It's not possible to post something on it. That is why I asked for private help. It's not a word problem or something like it. It's a whole project, and it would require 5 pdf's just to let you know of what it is about and a lot of schematics and xls's to show my progress.
    Basically I was stuck at a state machine that controls an ALU.
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    I see your point.
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