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Help needed for me

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    At work today i had a near black out, i have (passed out) a couple of times
    in the past, with no after effects, the doctors tell me my BP, and blood
    chemistry is ok.
    at work today, i had a flash image of some one, then a felling akin to that
    one gets before some remembered injury occures, i felt hot and weak for
    a minut or two, voices seemed distant, apart from feeling strange for five
    or so minutes all symptoms cleared.
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    Stress can make you faint, but definately see the doctor again and have more blood work done, make sure you are not hypoglycemic (that you have low blood sugar).
    When you feel faint, eat something and put your head between your knees when sitting down, to increase bloodflow to your head.
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    It seems close larkspur, but after the (event) i am as fit as a fiddle, today
    all i was doing was standing talking to my fellows, after the (event) i was
    running around like a spring chiken, i am only worried because i hate not
    being in control of my own body.
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    Hi, Monique, i have just been offered a 25% increase in salary, which will
    take my income above 50K, i know i can easily fill this roll, so at the moment
    i am on top of the world, the last thing i want is ill health, and people to
    know that i may be lacking.
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    the "blackouts" you are having could be a mild form of epilepsy, as an epilepsy sufferer myself i have blackouts similar to what you are describing. it may be epilepsy or it may not but its worth looking into as if it is, it can be treated.
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    After your epileptic events, do you feel fine soon after? My cousin has seizures they wipe her out for the day. I have had several episodes of presyncope. If I am around other people when I feel one coming on, I bend over and pretend to adjust my shoe. This rushes blood back to my brain and nobody else knows I was about to faint.
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    depends on the type of fit i have, if its a petit mall seizure (similar symptoms to what wolram described) then yep im fine about five minutes afterwards, if i have a grande mall seizure (the really violent convulvsions) then it can wipe me out for the rest of day. the trouble with epilepse is that there are numerous forms of it each with its own triggers, symptoms and after affects.
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