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Hi there, You might hate me for this as I'm completely new to physics.

My university has me taking a side course in Introductory physics. This would be ok if I knew a little about the subject, but I do not. So I'd love for some help with the following:

I have been given the task to work out the force needed to push in with a mass of 5kg and pull out on a simple hand pump (pic included). Whilst taking into account the friction when pushing in.

[PLAIN] [Broken]

Now I am not asking for this to be done for me. All I'm asking is just some help on how I start the equation/formula. As I am unsure where to start.

Any help is apreciated. Many Thanks. :smile:
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The question is a bit confusing to me sorry.
You want the "force needed to push in with a mass of 5kg"? Could you please try and elaborate on this part or rephrase it?

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