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Aerospace Help needed in lifting line theory using MATLAB

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    Hi guys,

    I am studying aerospace engineering doing my final year. I am doing my final year project which is called "Development of Aircraft Wing Design Tool using MATLAB". It is basically to create a basic tool which will help a designer to design wings. I am totally confused on how to go about it. One of my seniors advised me to go for lifting line theory and I barely have any idea about it.
    I am not that good in MATLAB either. I really need some help now. If any of you guys have done anything related to wing design tool or lifting line theory using matlab please please email me your report and the matlab program files to me so that i can get some ideas.
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    I don't think anyone will email you their final report or their code. Seems pretty dishonest to me.

    Don't you think you should work on a project that interests you in some way and in which you at least have some background? Or did you not have a choice on this topic?

    Either way the first thing you should do is get a good text book and start reading about lifting line. It is a fairly straightforward method although not very useful for designing a wing. A more useful tool would be a vortex lattice code. Though it would certainly take more of an effort. There already exists an open source matlab vortex lattice code.

    If you have any specific questions about any of these methods I would be happy to help but I believe a major rule of this forum is that you must show you have put in a decent amount of effort before people will assist you with school work.
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