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Homework Help: Help needed Lightning and Physics

  1. Sep 26, 2004 #1
    hey ppl...i really need ur help here....please give me some ideas because i am making a project about Physics and Lightning. so if u can support me with intresting ideas coz i am bored from da ones i already saw...i will relly apperitiate the help...thnx alot....and yea..i am in Grade 12, so make it little complicated :D thnx again :cool: :tongue:
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  3. Sep 26, 2004 #2
    What type of thing are you looking for, a complex circuit, and idea to write about...?
  4. Sep 26, 2004 #3
    yea ....charges and complex circuit....and someting little more complicated...lol..thnx man
  5. Sep 27, 2004 #4
    plzz guys....da project dead line is soo close...may anyone help/...plzzz..plzzz plzzzz
  6. Sep 27, 2004 #5
    You need to be far more specific if you want help.
  7. Sep 27, 2004 #6


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    Well, since you're looking for a bit of a challenge:

    Construct a prototype electrical generator that uses atmospheric lightning as its source. :smile:
  8. Oct 4, 2004 #7
    thnx a lot Tide, thats a nice challenge that i will try, but there is no lightning in Egypt now, from where would i get it...
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