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Help needed molar Fraction

  1. Nov 9, 2005 #1

    here's the problem :

    A 60 gal tank contain pure Azote at 36,2 psig and 24,2 °C. We add 908,25 g of freon (CF2Cl2) that evaporate completely. If the temperature of the tank is 8,2 °C :

    a) What is the molar fraction of the freon.

    I've made some calculation, but it always result that I need the volume of the Azote to continue.

    Calculations :
    The molar fraction is the (number of mol for the freon) / (total number of mol). I found the number of mol for the freon = 7,51161 mol.

    Now I need the total number of mol. So I need the
    (number of mol for the freon) + (number of mol for the azote) / (Molar weight of freon) + (Molar weight of azote).

    The only thing that is missing is the (number of mol for the azote). And I found 2 ways to find it

    1) volumic weight * Volume
    2) PV=nRT ===> n = PV/RT ==> M = m/n ==> m = n*M .....

    In each case, I don't have the volume of the azote so I cannot continue
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    "Azote" is an archaic name for nitrogen, MW = 28.0.
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