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Help needed on medical MS program selection

  1. Apr 14, 2009 #1
    Got the admissions from Wayne state univ. and Columiba univ.Both are accreditated.
    Wayne doesnt have good ranking. But It is one of the oldest in medical physics which foucses intensively on radiation therapy. Program takes 20-24 months including a recommended clinical rotation.(from the dept website)

    Columbia's program is new but also got accreditated in 2009. Program takes 16months, doesn't mention clinical rotation. Two practicum courses in one semester are included(one day a week).
    Tuition is similar.

    Which one is better for job purpose? Will the school's reputation help me a lot in job searching in this field? Any professional knowing this field can give me some suggestions ? really struggling now.

    Thank you very much!
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    Here is some details about these two programs:

    There is no funding available from both. So I have to apply for student loan for it.

    For Columbia:
    The program takes 4 semesters(Fall-Spring-Summer-Fall) including one summer semester for two practica courses and taking comprehensive exam.
    link for its curriculum:


    For Wayne
    Full-time students can complete the classroom component of the program in four semesters. In addition, a required research component and a recommended clinical rotation are generally completed after the classroom coursework is completed. Finally, all students must complete an exit exam before graduation. An estimate of the mean time to graduation for full-time students is approximately 20-24 months.

    link for its curriculum:
    http://radiationoncology.med.wayne.edu/medphys/student_resources/ms_plan_of_work.doc [Broken]

    So looks like Wayne will provide more clinical rotation training. It is hard to contact the graduate students in this program. Wayne has listed their facilites on the website since it is based on their medical center.(http://radiationoncology.med.wayne.edu/medphys/facilities.php [Broken])
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    So, when your choices are a school with a lower ranking (do you mean overall, or in that particular field?) vs one with NO ranking because it's a brand new program, I think your best bet is to visit and talk to people at both to really find out if these are people you want to spend the next few years working with and learning from. Try to get a few current students to talk to you when no faculty are around and see what they think when they can be completely candid.
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