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Help needed on to convert a typical mass damper system to electrical model-Urgent

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    hi friends,
    i am a student in NTU singapore. doing a project for my m.sc degree. i need a help in drawing an equivalent electrical model of the spring damper circuit.The circuit consists a pressure source and a mass damper arrangement as a piston. based on the pressure the piston moves down and an opposing damper action moves it up. how to get an euiqvalent electrical model of it. if u guys know any websites regarding this please do suggest me also u r ideas are needed.
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    Take a look for "Linear Systems" books at your library, or google for "linear systems", here are some interesting sites, http://www.sosmath.com/diffeq/system/linear/basicdef/basicdef.html" [Broken] last link is about mechanical systems. Good Luck.

    P.S typical process of converting some system to another is to write diff. equations that describe the system. Convert to s-domain, since it is easier to compute different characteristics and then use known electrical components construct the equiv.el.system ;)
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