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Help Needed, please view

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    if some people could please allow me to bounce answers off them and show them my work by means of e-mail before I send it away to be marked, it would be highly appreciated, thanks

    one problem I have at the moment is I need to find the surface area of a circle after a sector has been removed
    the circle has a radius of 750mm and the segment is 36 degrees wide at the edge of the circle


    contact me directly mitz_fitz@hotmail.com
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    Removing a sector of a circle with an arc of 36 degrees gives 9/10 the area of the full circle. 36 degrees is (360-36)/360 = 324/360 = 9/10. Thus the net area is

    [tex] \pi r^2 - \frac{\pi}{10} r^2 [/tex] with r = 750mm.
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