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Homework Help: Help needed please?

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    Welcome to the PF forums! You will find the group here is very helpful provided you understand some basics. You are off to a good start posting this question in the engineering - homework section.

    It would help if you read (or reread) this topic: FAQ: Why hasn't anybody answered my question

    Also the PF guidelines, would be helpful to reread.

    If you accidentally double-post, you can delete one of them yourself within 24hrs of your post, or request a moderator to delete one for you.

    If you find there is a better section to place your original post, just ask a moderator to move it there, for you. They are helpful doing things like that.

    Choosing a title that is clearer to the forum readers would also be helpful.
    "help needed please??" is very general and less likely to draw the attention of people who can help you. You can ask a moderator to help you edit a title.

    It is better to enter your text (description of your question) directly on the forum and attach just the image (jpg or gif are good, there are other acceptable formats too).

    If you have a math equation to enter, it would be clearer to write them in script. We have LaTex cabability for that. See this thread for good examples. math script. Just select an equation there and a pop-up window will show you the format. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

    Take advantage of the searchfeature of the forum, you are likely to find other threads that are related to your post, and may help answer your questions.

    One again, welcome to our forum!!
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    Many thanks for taking the time. I've noted your advice and will take a good look around before i consider any more posts.
    Once again thanks for your help (and the welcome).
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