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Homework Help: HELP NEEDED ! regarding distillation.

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    HELP NEEDED!!!!!! regarding distillation................

    I am in need of desperate help with chemistry...
    So we did a simple distillation of an unknown alcohol and after the distillation, we were to identify what the alcohol is..
    My result was that i got my first drop of distillate at around 89degrees and then the temperature increased by about 2degrees C as more distillate was obtained...
    now, we were given some boling point temperatures of some alcohols and since I got the first drop at 89, I concluded that my alcohol is 1-propanol + water which has a boiling point of 88. When we graph the data with temperature and the volume of distillate, it obviously is almost a straight line because temperature only changed by like 2degrees C.
    I'm not too sure what to discuss for this lab other than that the boiling point was similar... what's up with the temperature increasing a little... or is that a big reading error? Is it an azeotrope? If so, how do I determine from the data and the graph that it is an azotrope...?
    and also, the little bit of the mixture left in the still pot turned pink after the distillation...
    Please help me understand my results/graph to interpret the data...
    I would REALLY appreciate it...
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