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Help needed understanding results of a study

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    -Aggrecan is an abundant component of cartilage within the growth plate as well as the articular cartilage of joints
    -ADAMTS4 and ADAMTS5 are aggrecanases that cleave aggrecan
    -Analysis of the growth plates of mice were performed by immunostaining the growth plates with an antibody against neo-epitope of aggrecan (GI-TEGE) which is generated following cleavage by aggrecanases
    The results showed:

    a) Wild-type mice: significant staining

    b) ADAMTS4 -/- mice: negligible staining

    c) ADAMTS5 -/- mice: similar staining to that of wild-type mice

    Conclusion: ADAMTS4 is the sole aggrecanase responsible for aggrecan cleavage at this anatomical location

    My question is that if GI-TEGE is generated following cleavage shouldn't ADAMTS4 be showing the most staining since it is responsible for cleaving at this site? Why is there the least staining at ADAMTS4 ? Am I missing something?
    Thank you in advanced!
    *image and data are taken from paper titled: deletion of active ADAMTS5 prevents cartilage degradation in a murine model of osteoarthritis by Glasson et al. 2005

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    ADAMTS4 -/- mice have both copies of the ADAMTS4 gene knocked out. Because these mice lack ADAMTS4, they are unable to generate GI-TEGE and show no staining in the figure. When ADAMTS5 is knocked out (in the ADAMTS5 -/- mice), there is no change to the staining. Because mice lacking ADAMTS5 are capable of producing wild-type levels of GI-TEGE, they conclude that ADAMTS5 is not required for aggrecan cleavage at the location they stained.
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    thank you!
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