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Homework Help: Help Needed Urgently please

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    1. Balloon

    A hot air balloon competition requires a balloonist to drop a ribbon onto a target on the ground. Initially the hot air balloon is 50 meters above the ground and 100 meters from the target. The wind is blowing the balloon at v = 15 meters/sec on a course to travel directly over the target. The ribbon is heavy enough that any effects of the air slowing the vertical velocity of the ribbon are negligible. How long should the balloonist wait to drop the ribbon so that it will hit the target?

    time =???

    2. A ball is thrown from the ground onto a roof of height 15 m from a distance of 7 meters away as shown in the diagram. The maximum height of the ball's trajectory is 3.4 meters above the top of the roof.

    (a) Find the required initial vertical component of the velocity, Vy.

    Vy = ?? m/s

    (b) Find the time for the ball to reach maximum height.

    t = ?? s

    (c) Find the time for the ball to fall from the maximum height to the rooftop.

    t = ?? s

    (d) Find the initial horizontal component of the velocity.

    vx = ?? m/s

    3. A ball is thrown with an initial speed of 30 m/s at an angle of 45°.The ball is thrown from a height of 11 m and lands on the ground.

    (a) Find the time of flight.
    t = ?? s

    (b) Find the maximum height.
    h = ?? m

    (c) Find the distance from where the ball is thrown to where it lands.
    d = ?? m

    (d) Find the speed at the impact.
    v = ?? m/s
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    You are required to show your work on the problems, before we can offer tuturial help. Please review the "Rules" link at the top of this page.
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