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Homework Help: Help Needed. Various General Physics Problems.

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    Just interested in seeing what peoples answers are to these questions. I am new to the site so this could be considered a test of how well the members of this forums acutally know physics.{I've done this problems and have answers} Interested in seeing which equations you used also.

    Problem 1 {Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion}
    The linear speed(Velocity) of a person riding a ferris wheel is 8.0m/s. What would be this person's linear speed if they were clinging to a spot halfway between the center of the wheel and the outer edge?

    Problem 2 {A car rounding a curve}
    A car with mass of 2565kg is rounding a horizontal curve of radius 76m. What is the maximum safe speed the car can maintain around the curve. Where m=0.73(dry road) and m=0.30(wet road)

    Problem 3 {Gravitational Forces}
    Calculate the gravitational force of:
    -The sun and the earth
    -The moon and the Earth
    -Which is larger and how many times larger is it?

    Earth: mass 5.97*10^24 kg
    Radius 6,380,000 meters
    Moon: mass 7.35 *10^22 kg
    Radius 1,740,000 meters
    Sun: mass 1.99*10^30
    Radius 696,000,000

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    Hi NewtonJR,

    I don't think you're being completely honest with us are you?

    Furthermore, how do you know that your answers are correct?
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    Doc Al

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    :rofl: Nice try!

    How about this: You show your detailed solutions and we'll be happy to comment.

    Please review our posting rules, which are linked at the top of every page, and the https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=94379".
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    hah thought I'd try. I'll post the answers up in a few hours.:approve:
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    Posted 2 problems up so far in the Homework, General Physics section. I can't post links because my post count is< 15. :cry:
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