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Help needed! Where to apply for MS. MechE.

  1. May 21, 2013 #1
    hi guys, i'm a student pursuing BE mechanical in INDIA. I'm really confused where i should apply for my MS. MechE in USA. Kindly have a look at my profile and please suggest some nice options.

    1. BE scores - 75% (i know its low, but the general scoring scheme of the university is very strict. inspite of this, i'm ranking 1st in my branch in college.)

    2. GRE - 325/340

    3. Extra curriculars - Secretary of MESA, class representative, attended many inter college competitions, attended state level project competition, presented a paper in a national level conference. Learning indian classical music since the age of 8.(for the last 12 years). took training and attempted the IIT Entrance. An avid painter, and photographer(hobbies). Also represented the country in an intl. peace conference (in 9th grade). love reading (novels, science, etc.) Love Technology! (P.S. i have a pending patent.)

    *Another thing i'd like to bring up, is that i've done my elementary schooling in NJ and Quincy, MA. (KG to Grade 5) and in MA, i was selected in ELC, which was a program for the best students in grade 5, from all the local public schools. i'had done a research project on black holes at the time. Its not very relevant but, i feel it shows that i have the experience from two totally different studying methodologies and have done pretty well in both.!

    can i apply to the top schools like MIT? am i eligible and do have a chance?

    Thanks alot..
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